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What Do We Really Know?

As we approach 2022, I have been thinking about everything that is going on regarding Covid19. I have been thinking, "What do we really know!?"

As we are now being hit with the Omicron variant rapidly spreading, what do we really know!?

Every day the news reports the number of cases and the number of deaths, but never reports the number of recoveries. Have you questioned or thought about those who have recovered and are recovering? I am sure you are like me and never did until now, because all we hear about in the media are the number of cases/new cases and the number of deaths. Have you ever wondered and thought about how the number of cases never exceeds the number of deaths or comes close? That is because there is a high recovery rate.

How long are we to live in a bubble of fear? A lot of people are afraid to get back to their normal lives; the fear of Covid is debilitating a lot of people. People are getting vaccinated only to be required to bet a booster and now talks of possibly getting another booster is in the works.

At what point do we take back our lives? At what point do we not allow Covid and the fear of it debilitate us? The more we stay inside and are afraid to get back into what we really need to fight this, we lose!

We have people losing out on doing what is needed to benefit their health and wellness through exercise because of the fear of what is being reported each and every day.

How do we fight back?

  • We fight back by taking control of our health & wellness.

  • We fight back by getting our life back.

  • We fight back by being proactive with our health & wellness.

  • We fight back by taking preventative measures regarding our health & wellness.

Here at GearinUpFitness, we take seriously everything that is going on around us. We take seriously the safety of our clients and staff by having air purifiers throughout the studio; we are here to assist you with your fitness goals and your health & wellness journey; we are here to help you get back on track and take back your life.

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