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A week after being introduced to this amazing facility, I have not been disappointed! The staff is amazing, knowledgeable, and encouraging! I am 57, and for the first time in my life, I am struggling with my weight and stamina. GearinUp Fitness has become the solution I did not realize I was searching for until I participated in my first Spin Class! Geneva is the Queen of Spin! In fact, I love all of the classes offered as they target all of my problem areas. I am absolutely hooked! Within a week's time, I feel stronger, healthier, and motivated to work toward my goals and take control of my body!

Abby Webley



Taking Spin every week gave me great results, I invited some of my soldiers to join me.



Taking Spin helped strengthen

me and helped me perform better on my PT test



Can u please join peloton too so I can take classes with you on there.. I got a bike for xmas ...while I love it I'm missing my favorite instructor!!!

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