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In the fitness world we have a tendency to rely on others or someone else to help hold us accountable to keep us going during our fitness journey. Often times the individual falls short and the individual also falls short that depended on the other person to keep them accountable.

When we were born, we came out without another individual. Twins, with the exception of conjoined twins, are born in the same manner. They come out minutes apart. They never come out holding hands or both at the same time. In life we place the responsibility of our health & wellness on someone else when in reality it is our responsibility to ensure we take care of ourselves. We go to our doctor and dentist appointments by ourselves and we also need to take on the responsibility of our health & wellness for ourselves. After all, it is not another person's responsibility to ensure we stay healthy, it is our responsibility.

When working for Corporate America, I had a co-worker who would not workout unless one of our other co-workers worked out with her. The other co-worker would complain to me how it annoyed her each time this individual would invite them to workout with them. I in turn recommended she tell her, talk to her because it was clear she did not want to workout with her. Instead of working out with her, she found her own time that was suitable for her to work out. The other individual missed out on working out due to her codependency. I also advised this individual that she needed to workout regardless if she had someone to workout with.

When our health starts to fail us, we have no one to blame but ourselves. I share with people from time-to-time that if I waited for someone else to workout with me, I would not be where I am in my fitness journey today. As I age, my health is important to me. The health of others is also important to me and is why I am in this business.

There is an event I was invited to participate in and it warms my heart that the doctor, who is also a pharmacist, hosting the event is promoting health & wellness versus pushing medicine. She is wanting to teach others the value and benefits of exercise to help them with their health & wellness journey.

Medicine has its benefits, but also its side effects. Have you ever paid attention to the medicine commercial ads? Have you noticed how quickly they go through the side effects of the medicine they are promoting? Did you know there are holistic ways to heal the body?

Society have people thinking the only way to heal the body is through prescribed medication and it becomes crippling to a lot of people. My mom made it to the great age of 89 without taking insulin for her diabetes. What steps will you take to ensure YOU do what YOU need to do for YOUR health & wellness? We are what we speak!

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