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10 H🔥T Body Benefits of Spin

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Hello and welcome to my blog!

If this is your first time taking Spin, welcome to the Spin family. In order to see change, we have to be willing to put in the work.

I wouldn't be instructing Spin if I were not a believer and a recipient of the benefits I am about to share with you.


#1 ~ Endorphin Rush - Releases happy hormones that put you in a great mood and help you sleep better.

#2 ~ Strong core & back - Varying spin workouts, such as hill climbs, help strengthen your torso.

#3 ~ Glowing youthful skin ~ Sweaty spin sessions help reverse the effects of aging on the skin.

#4 ~ Shake-up your system - Spin classes improve circulation, lung capacity and digestion.

#5 ~ Toned quads & bum - Cyclist have great legs 🦵🏾

#6 ~ Healthy heart - Regular cycling has the benefit of cutting the risk of heart 💜 disease by half.

#7 ~ Burn fat - A 1 hour class burns over 600 calories.

#8 ~ Immune defense - Active immune cells readily fight off infection.

#9 ~ Flexible joints - High intensity, low impact spin keeps hip flexors and knee joints well oiled, in good working condition.

#10 ~ Better sex - Spin improves stamina....enough said!

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