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Always Striving to Learn

Hello! It's time for a coffee break ☕

How do you strive to learn? What actions do you put in place?

The saying is, "You learn something new every day." However, not every day, but life has a tendency to teach us something every now and then.

One of the things I love about being a fitness instructor are the people I meet and get to help with their fitness journey. That alone opens up opportunity for learning.

When selecting the courses to take in order to renew my certification, I chose Spinning for Active Older Adults. When going through the course, I was very thankful I selected this course because it confirmed for me things, techniques I have already in place when teaching my 82 year old student a.k.a mom.

However, I asked myself, "Who is the active older adult?" I am that active older adult. You are that active older adult. We are no longer the young and spry youthful child we used to be and with that in mind, how do we take care of ourselves? What do we do to ensure we are putting in place measures to take care of our health to help improve our quality of life?

We can become sedentary with life, but why should we? Why should we settle for the rocking chair on the front porch? In our youth we did not settle for sitting around doing nothing, we were active. Some of us participated in sports, so why do we become sedentary as we age? Why do we let life eat away at our health & wellness instead of doing what is needed to help maintain quality life?

One of the things I asked God to help me with, as I was approaching menopause, is to maintain my health as I age. He answered my prayer as I moved from being a client that worked out, to an instructor to continue my health & wellness journey while helping others with theirs.

I look forward to helping you with your health & wellness. Because when I help you, you help me.

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